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Tabala is a trademark of Klikafrik Ltd, a limited liability compay formed in 2014 by its founder and CEO Mr Mustapha Nying, registered in England and Wales, with registered office in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. Company registration number 09287017.

tabalamarket.com is a free classified site where you can buy, sell, advertise, look for jobs, search for anything from schools to sun holidays, mobile phones to masters degrees from a click of a button on your PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones, anywhere anytime. Terms & Conditions Applied.

Our purpose is to create a one - stop hub, a centre-point  where people can, not only buy and sell but also be able to access jobs and local services like plumbers, electrician, rescue etc. which can be a challenge to find in times of emergency. Access to training courses, apprenticeships, career advise, skill development programs, business ideas, links & support, anything that will keep people engaged in participating towards personal and community development. We promote self - reliance and promise to do our best in contributing towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goal and put our blue foot prints on societal expectations.

We want to make sure that goods and services offered around the world are accessible to everyone regardless of geographical location. We also want, together push hard to make Africa reach and be reached by international markets, break commercial barriers, make trusted and valued bussiness connections, implement free but controlled investment friendly markets to help growth and sustain development.

We work as freelance business ambassadors for our countries to promote trade, tourism, education and other sectors core to our economies and community developments. We are very keen, optimistic and passionate in raising awareness of the investment opportunities in Africa and shout it out loud in all our activities, with our slogan 'Think Investment, Think Africa, Tick Gambia'.  

Therefore we are actively pitching for businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom and beyond to look into Africa when making their investment plans. We strive to drive outsourcing and offshoring from companies big or small for various services ranging from production to call centres. We try to point out realistic opportunities and possibilities for one to establish and succeed in Africa.

Assist in biulding the investment infrastructure and give potential investors and visitors a fast, safe, secured, relaible and efficient source of first hand information through ads, links and other trusted means for all they need and direct them to reputable establishments known as the best to handle all enquiries.

We offer locals and our increasing foreign population services they are used to at home and abroad; online shopping, finding local services, taxis, bureau de change, restaurants, safari, supermarkets, schools, dry cleaning, historical sites, places of interest, nightlife, for sale or hire, lost & found, what's on, even exchange their skills and kindness to the local community.Everything you need to experience the full flavour of the country, its vibrant and diverse made - off, all under one hub a click away.

Finding local services is even easier than ever. No more asking a friend to ask a friend of a friend for a builder, tailor or hairdressers. With tabalamarket.com, you can do it all.

Promote the usage of the internet to equally benefit from all the latest trends & technology, minimise the usage of paper correspondence and go green.

We do it all for free, so thanks a million to all of you and please join in & support us to make a difference.

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